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22 Hilarious Tweets About Going to the Doctor

Going to the doctor is a huge pain in the ass. First, there’s the waiting in the waiting room, and then there’s the waiting in the next waiting room. Your average clinic is like one of those Russian nesting dolls, except instead of dolls, it’s rooms upon rooms intended for you to sit and wait in. I hope you like Good Housekeeping magazines from 1996. Because you’re going to be bored AF and that will be the only thing you have available to read.

If you’re really lucky you will be there with kids. They might have medical supplies and electronics like phones and printers completely within reach so that your kids have something to go after over and over again. That is, when they aren’t trying to lift dirty band-aids out of the trash can like some sort of medical raccoon.

The funny thing about the doctor is that it’s supposed to be a place where you go to get healthy. But instead you are surrounded by germs, sick people and unflattering fluorescent lighting. Rude.

Parents are a funny group because we are usually so busy trying to keep our kids alive that we don’t take care of ourselves at all. Doctors see right through this because, surprise, many of them have kids too!

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The following is a list of tweets from the funny parents of Twitter about going to the doctor. Enjoy responsibly!

1. Don’t even bother trying to lie about your drinking habits

2. The only med for this one is time

3. Get outta here, pal

4. Unconventional, but I’ll allow it

5. They didn’t ask for specifics


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7. Spoiler alert – it could never be where it needs to be to handle them

8. It’s like a mini-vacation!

9. Aw, you hid in the bathroom, that’s cute


11. Let’s not get bogged down by details

12. From the mouths of babes…

13. A trip to the gyno can lead to increased self-esteem

14. Early? LOL, nice one

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15. And now you know

16. Food for thought

17. If you say diet and exercise, I’m leaving

18. I mean, it would slow her reaction time

19. And yet we all try it

20. That’s enough, honey

21. This gel polish has to be worth a few ounces

22. That was a good one, doc

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Trips to the doctor are a necessary inconvenience

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