If you're wondering how folks are coping with this election anxiety the answer is simple- no so good, bitch!
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20 Tweets About How We’re Coping With Election Anxiety

This election is the stuff of nightmares. The perfect cap to a year of pandemic fuckery and general societal disruption. We’re all spent out and yet the hits just keep coming. The general closeness of this election is enough to make you want to scream and throat-punch a stranger. It’s like the world has gone fucking insane.

The worst part is that it’s almost completely unsurprising. We try and have hope but then it’s like reality comes to slap us like a strange dick in the face – very unwelcome. In the midst of a pandemic and all the associated negative effects on society, this election is just another shitty thing to add to the shitty pile. NO matter how it turns out this shit is far from over. Which is terrifying.

We laugh to keep us from crying, but this week we might just fuck around and do both. With the election anxiety at an all-time high and the world watching this dumpster fire with various levels of shock and disdain, we can do nothing but revel in the absurdity of it all and wonder what the fuck is gonna happen next.

If you’re wondering how folks are coping with this election anxiety, the answer is simple – no so well, bitch!

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20 Tweets About How We’re Coping With Election Anxiety

1. Hahahahhahhaaaaaa *sobs*

2. UGH.


3. *It’s evolving*

4. Well this is good news because the poll between my mouth, my brain, and my greedy little fists full of fun-size snickers says the same.

5. If only…

6. Just unhinge my jaw and POUR FOR YOUR GODDAMN LIFE!

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7. Divine timing is everything.

8. Come crash at our place!

9. What the actual fuck is this?


10. Whatever happens, shit be sick AF.

11. Sounds like a fun little getaway.

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13. It’s called self-care sweetie, look it up.

14. Just closing my eyes for the scary parts.

15. LOL, pass the mouthwash, we desperate up in this bitch.

16. Ah yes, that clears things up.

17. Too real.

18. It’s PAINFUL.

19. Welp, we didn’t want you to find out this way but…

20. This guy gets it.


Go take a bath, or watch some kittens wrestle, or hug a tree.

Collective overwhelm is real, and shit isn’t getting any easier anytime soon. Find a bit of rest, because there’s always more fights to be had.

Take care of yourselves.

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