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15 Memes That Show How Mom Fashion Is On A Whole Different Level

Mothers are the most incredible creatures on the planet. We give so much of ourselves to our kids, and truly, the whole process of becoming a mother is so incredibly strange and magical. Mothers are constantly putting themselves aside for their kids, and the love that they have is one of the most beautiful things you could possibly imagine.

The process of becoming a mother is like a rebirth, as you emerge into this new role of supporter and protector. Somehow, you are the same person you were before, and yet you are changed.

One of the biggest ways we change is when it comes to aesthetics. While once we may have been in the “capture and kill” phase of raw, womanly sex appeal, we are now in the “sleeperhold” phase of style and fashion.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are moms out there who look incredible. Then there’s some of us that look like we got run over by a truck about a week ago and decided to take a cheeky nap rather than put ourselves together. And that’s ok, too.

The thing about becoming a mom is that you end up putting so much of your effort and energy into other people that sometimes you don’t have much left into making yourself appear perfectly coiffed… or even coiffed at all. This leads to a very specific “tired mom” aesthetic that many of us rock, and we rock it well.

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15 Memes That Show How Mom Fashion Is On A Whole Different Level

1. Mothers are still VERY sexy.

2. Although our style changes, we still turn heads.

3. We can still dazzle with our clothing choices.

4. We may be a little out of date, but dammit, we still try!

5. The main thing about mom fashion is that we’re tired and hooked on efficiency.

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6. We may not look how we thought we would, but that’s ok.

7. Time saving hacks pretty much rule all of our style choices.

8. The lewk we’re going for is “effortless”

9. Unless it’s date night, then get ready for some raw SEX APPEAL.

10. Getting ready is different, that’s for sure.

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11. I mean, at least we still try for the special occasions.

12. And sometimes, we still manage to be the talk of the town.

13. Again – “Effortless” is the bar we’re going for.

14. And if all else fails, we always have athleisure!

15. Motherhood also means we are master improvisers. So chic!

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So, if you’re feeling a crisis of style as a mom, then you are VERY MUCH not alone.

Personally, I’m saving up all my fucks to give about fashion until I’m in that “Grandma” phase of life, at which point – lock up your men, boo.

Make sure to share this with a friend, because ultimately, laughing is the very BEST look!