14 Hysterical Memes That Prove the Getting Healthy Struggle Is Real

A very unwelcome side effect of quarantine was the “Covid-15”- namely, all that weight we gained when we were drowning our collective anxieties by stress eating and posting memes all day long from the comfortable perches of our toilet-paper stockpiling asses.

And can you blame us? Fitness was certainly the last thing many of us were thinking of when tasked with homeschooling, trying to stay virus-free when buying groceries, and dismantling institutionalized racism. 2020 has been a WILD ride, y’all.

However, that hasn’t stopped us from trying. I mean, what’s adulthood without the neverending start-and-stop of trying to get healthier and get in shape? I dunno, but I gotta say it sounds like a much better time than the adulthood experience I’m currently in.

So although we may have left our health goals back in 2019, and just might be having trouble fitting into our summer shorts, let’s all keep things in perspective and take the chance to give ourselves some grace and realize that no one fucking cares. We’re all just trying to stay alive and stay sane out here!

14 Hysterical Memes That Prove the Getting Healthy Struggle Is Real

1. It’s like seeing a ghost!

2. We call this move the “Crisper Drawer Massacre.”

3. This is the only circle of life that rings true for me.

4. I hate yesterday me so much.


5. They hardly knew what hit ’em.

6. Teach me your unique skills, you sorcerers!

7. Ahhh, a valid plan that NEVER works.

8. Watch out for these genius moves, fitfam!

9. It’s like being chosen last for the baseball team.

10. Butter coochie babes are the best, no lies.

11. Any vegetables count, thanks for coming to my health class.

12. That sort of hungry just doesn’t exist, sorry.



14. LOL, treat yourself, amirite?

So maybe this isn’t our year to get our eating in order or get into shape.

To be fair, we have other priorities. Like not catching the Covid, and getting our kids the fuck back in school.

Lord, deliver us from 2020!