In that sense, it's a noble endeavor, and makes all the crap somewhat worthwhile.
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Hilarious Tweets About the “Magic” of Holiday Decorating

December is a time for Christmas magic, and what could be more magical than squeezing your blood, sweat, and tears into creating a picture-perfect winter wonderland that your kids can demolish with their screamy, flailing bullshit. It’s a festive fucking funfest, amirite?

For many of us, the desire to skip the madness altogether ultimately loses the tug of war against the desire to make the holidays something really special for our kids. Even though we know in our hearts they could never come close to appreciating it. It’s a perfect allegory for parenting itself, really.

While the kiddos get to enjoy all that cozy spirit we created, we, on the other hand, are left to actually craft that shit. Which means fighting, untangling lights, and planning how to fake our own deaths to avoid the bills to come in January.

Magic, indeed.

Despite the fact that it’s a pain in the ass and we question our life choices entirely during the whole process, the reality is that we WILL continue to do this shit year after year because we love our little families and want them to have an experience that will bring them joy for years to come. In that sense, it’s a noble endeavor, and makes all the crap somewhat worthwhile.

After all, we’re making memories up in this bitch.

12 Hilarious Tweets About the “Magic” of Holiday Decorating

1. Ahhh yes, going through the ol’ back catalogue of classics.

2. On second thought, it seems like a great time for some alone time.

3. Thank you for your service, but we’re done here.

4. Life pro tip: Just leave the family in the forest and take the tree home.

5. Happy holidays? Over YOUR DEAD BODY.


6. This is all of us. Namaste.

7. Ahhh, I get the feeling this year’s version is gonna be LIT.

8. Questioning all the choices that led me to here…. you know, jolly shit.

9. Literally just give ‘er. We’re all tapped out.


10. Ahh yes, the swears will be flying like Santa’s reindeer.

11. This. Is. A. Magical. Experience. Ok.

12. Hahahahhah sounds wonderful and romantic and incredible and I’m not crying you are.

Happy Holiday Decorating Peeps!

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