We're talking lockdowns, New Years in our pajamas, and a lot of crossed fingers that 2021 won't be such an absolute trashferno.
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11 Hilarious Tweets About Un-Decorating After the Holidays

Needless to say, this year was weird. Which meant that the holidays were just as unusual. We’re talking continued lockdowns, New Year’s in our pajamas, and a lot of crossed fingers that next year won’t be such an absolute trashferno.

However, although current circumstances are somewhat rife with fuckery, the world continues to spin and some things remain the same. Case in point – holiday decorating.

As we humans clung to our traditions, we put up decor, trimmed the trees in a festive manner, and continued to gorge ourselves on food and drink – even if we did it all by ourselves. The only difference this year was that that festive mood stood for a bit more. A way to cap off an unthinkable year that was as moving as it was bizarre. After all, what better time for complicated feels than the holidays?

But sadly, after that brief bit of holiday cheer, we gotta pack ‘er up and get back to normal. This means UN-decorating season is upon us!

11 Hilarious Tweets About Un-Decorating After the Holidays

1. Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules about the timeline, I think we can all agree with this guy.

2. However, it is complicated. Maybe it’s like adding spice to your meals – a thing that’s truly measured by your heart and current level of alignment with the Universe.

3. And it’s not just the tree either. You get so go wild on cleaning up ALL that glittery, tacky, holiday shit.

4. Some people have specified dates when it’s acceptable to un-decorate…


5. While others are fully aware of the fact that after the year we had, we could use a little extended sparkle in our lives.

6. For reals – if it makes that serotonin trickle then haul that bitch back in!

7. I mean, it’s only right

8. Which includes prepping a lil’ early, ok?!


9. Although, when we get rid of all that shit after the holidays it does feel a bit like getting a new place.

10. So take down that tree whichever way feels right for you…

11… After all, you’re not likely to get much help from anyone else!

Go forth and pack shit up!

After all, we have a whole new year full of bullshit we need to fit in!

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