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10 Tweets About How Gender Reveal Parties Are Played Out

Picture it: Your friends and family all sitting together amidst balloons and cakes with bated breath, awaiting the big reveal of whether that baby you’re brewing is packing a hamburger or a hot dog. This is the unusual world of gender reveal parties!

Gender reveal parties are like a baby shower, except their intent is to inform friends and family members about the sex of the baby. People host this take on this task in a variety of ways, including cutting into a colored cake, releasing colored balloons, or even digging into a gender reveal lasagna, because apparently nothing is sacred.

Typically, a male baby reveal is signified by blue, while a female reveal is pink. That’s right, it’s 2019 and we’re still perpetuating the whole blue and pink dichotomy of the sexes between advocating for fewer gender stereotypes and more understanding about nonbinary gender types.

Despite being painfully cheesy (sorry, Instaperfect moms), the gender reveal is getting to a point of absurdity when it comes to over-the-top ways of sharing your baby’s gender. Recently a woman was actually killed by a homemade explosive intended to be a dazzling reveal. And if you simply Google “gender reveal accidents,” you will be privy to a plethora of fails, mishaps, and very avoidable problems that involve cars, explosives, and yes, even alligators.

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10 Tweets About How Gender Reveal Parties Are Played Out

1. Let’s save you some trouble, here

2. Sorry, but invite at your own risk


4. Still less dangerous than some reveals that have been done

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5. Again – that’s enough with the explosives

6. Time is a precious resource; spend it wisely

7. Still not even the strangest gender reveal; also – eco-friendly

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8. I can’t believe I left the house for this, SMH


10. You’re welcome, everyone

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It’s totally understandable to be excited about your baby and wanting to share the gender with everyone.

That being said, we may need to re-think the whole phenomenon of gender reveal parties. They’re played out and have the potential to cause more harm than good. How about a “congrats on your new baby, now everyone babysit so mom can nap” party instead?