hilarious tweets about millennials gen z and side parts Sammiches and Psych Meds
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10 Hilarious Tweets About the Side Part Debacle

The Internet recently exploded into a dazzling burst of controversy with the news that apparently some younguns’ went on the Tiketty-Toks to disrespect their elders by calling us OLD and UNCOOL due to our side parts, skinny jeans, and laughy-cry-face emoji.


Apparently, according to these kids, parting your hair in the middle is THE WAY to look cool and put-together.




hilarious tweets about millennials gen z and side parts Sammiches and Psych Meds

Anyways, the Internet responded as the internet does, which means that Millennials and older Xennials also hopped on the Tik Tok to defend themselves, leading to loads of hysterical memes and articles where we proudly proclaimed that the younger generation can have being cool, if we can keep our flattering clothes and hairstyles.

Your move, hoes.

Although we take issue with all of the things they’re attacking (laughingandcryingemoji forever), today we’re gonna specifically take issue with the side part thing, because, hello, HOW DARE YOU.

10 Hilarious Tweets About the Side Part Debacle

1. Apparently it’s not just the hair parts that are uncool it’s like, ALL of our faves *cries*.


2. Finally, we get some recognition for being as old as we feel.


3. Both generations in one home? How chaotic and bold.

4. I mean as far as hair offenses go, our side parts are fairly benign. Let’s not forget the real enemy here.

5. Look, for some of us these styles are functional as fuck. Leave us alone.

6. Leaving the house pre-this debate: *flip your hair and go*. Leaving the house now: *choose between looking decent or being cool*.

7. Aww y’all like to feud? Well, we did MSN messenger gossip wars on Internet that sounded like a Roomba being tortured. DON’T FUCK WITH US.

8. Watch these kids lose it over the real faux pas we sported without a fucking care in the world, walking around the CD stores thinking we were hot shit, belly ring out, and just fucking SLATHERED in glitter.

9. Ok we’re old, but we can legally order a night of regret without even thinking about it. Cheers, bitches!

10. I do love the kids these days, but sort your shit before coming for our favorite hairdo, damn.