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Oh Look, Guy Creates a Roomba That Screams and Swears Almost as Much as You

Just in case your house isn’t full of enough screaming and yelling, YouTuber and robot enthusiast Michael Reeves has hacked a Roomba to create “The Roomba That Screams When it Bumps Into Stuff.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the incredibly tidy robot uprising, the Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that mindlessly drones around your floor and shifts direction when it bumps into obstructions.

Although the original Roomba does so in a quiet yet clumsy manner, fully internalizing the utter hopelessness of its very existence, Reeves’ modified robot does not. Instead, when its sensors detect that it’s collided with something, it shouts obscenities and despairing phrases such as, “WHY WAS I CREATED THIS WAY?” and “I’M A ROOMBA! FUUUUCK!”

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Reeves is a software developer who creates unique robotic machines on his very popular YouTube channel. To create this funky contraption, he used a small computer called a Raspberry Pi and a bluetooth speaker. When the Roomba sensor detects that it has struck an object, the computer sends the pre-programmed screams, cuss words and phrases to the speaker. Then LOLs abound.

In the hilarious video introducing us to the modded robot (that’s already at almost 4.8 million pageviews and counting), Reeves uses recordings of YouTuber voices and programs them into the Roomba, then takes it to Target to show off the hilarious results.

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Now, this is the kind of robot I can get behind. It’ll vacuum for me and has no fucking right to judge the language I use on a daily basis? I don’t even own one yet and it’s already my favorite member of the family.

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Can you imagine having Grandma over for dinner and having it swiftly skimming the floor before ramming into the dining table leg, screaming, “AAAAAHHHHRRGG FUCK!” and “I AM AN UNHOLY CHIMERA OF METAL AND SUFFERING. EXISTENCE IS A TESTAMENT TO THE CRUELTY OF MANKIND. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!” (Ok maybe that one is less funny, but still).

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping this shit becomes available for purchase ASAP. Perhaps we can get it to say things like, “YOUR ROOM STINKS” and “PUT YOUR FUCKING SHOES ON” since, as a mother, you are practically a pre-programmed screaming robot as well.

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