Woman Nominates Self For “Love Your Spouse” Challenge as Excuse to Post Flattering Photos

Woman Nominates Self For "Love Your Spouse" Challenge as Excuse to Post Flattering Photos

By Crystal Lowery of Creepy Ginger Kid

OMAHA, NE — A woman has nominated herself for the “Love Your Spouse challenge” as an excuse to post flattering photographs on Facebook.

Connie Barker of Omaha, Nebraska kept waiting for a friend to nominate her to Facebook’s recent phenomenon, the #LoveYourSpouse challenge. The latest social media craze has individuals posting photographs featuring themselves and their partners for seven days. When no one tagged Connie to participate, she took matters into her own hands.

“I entered myself and my husband, Chris, into the Love Your Spouse challenge because my wedding photographs were so lovely. I just needed an excuse for everyone to see them again,” Barker states.

The couple, who have been legally separated for a year, had a lavish wedding that was featured on Style Me Pretty.

Chris Barker had this to say: “Connie has always been an attention seeker. She only started dating me because she didn’t make final call-backs for The Bachelor. I should have known she was vain when she required me to take a selfie with her every time we went out. We aren’t even together anymore. I think she has a new boyfriend.”

Connie admits she is actually dating someone else but claims he is less photogenic than Chris.


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