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Trendspotting! Dad Bods Hot, Mom Bods Still Gross


From Contouring to Delayed Vaccination Schedules, here’s a look at what’s hot and what’s not this week:

IN: Dad bods. Chubby is still chic for dads. Who needs a six-pack on a man when you can have the whole keg? Amirite, ladies?

OUT: Mom bods. Yuck. Unless moms show absolutely no sign that they were ever pregnant or gave birth to a child — then they’re AMAZING!

OUT: Yoga pants. The final dregs of these glorified leggings have offended our eyes for a while now, but it’s time to move on.

IN: Maxi Skirts. Classic and comfy – everything we want in yoga pants, but crotch-less!

IN: Eggs. A year ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead with eggs in my fridge, but right now they’re THE protein-packed breakfast regime for anyone who’s anyone.

OUT: Gluten. Be on the lookout for gluten-free eggs!

OUT: Placenta consumption. This was trending for a while but it’s back to being disgusting.

IN: Delayed vaccination schedules. They’re seriously all the rage in Paris right now.

IN: Contouring. Unless you plan on being around any natural lighting, of course.

OUT: 3-D Lashes. We thought they were a game-changer but it turns out they looked ridiculous.

OUT: Pictures of your kids. We’d rather see pictures of paint drying in our news feeds. No thanks.

IN: Pictures of your food. Does your food look appetizing? Put it on Instagram! It doesn’t? Do it anyway because food pics are HOT right now. (See what I did there?)


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