Saxaon appeared confused, insisting he didn't remember typing that in before the judge sent him to the virtual waiting room.

Tough Day in Zoom Court for a Man with Username “Buttf*cker 3000”

Getting in trouble with the law is embarrassing, sure, but getting in trouble with the law and then showing up to Zoom court with the name “Buttfucker 3000” is unprecedented levels of cringe.

This is exactly what happened to Nathan Saxaon of St. Joseph County in Michigan when he appeared in Zoom court for drug paraphernalia charges. He appeared in front of Judge Jeffrey Middleton, a judge who’s been making waves on the subReddit Zoom Court for sharing videos of proceedings. When Saxaon logged in to the Zoom meeting (which was full of other people waiting their turn) his display name came up as Buttfucker 3000.

The judge was NOT impressed, stating “Good morning sir, what’s your name?”. After Saxaon responded with his name, the judge stated “Your name’s not Buttfucker 3000, you yoho… Logging in to my court with that as your screenname. What kind of idiot logs into court like that.”

Saxaon appeared confused, insisting he didn’t remember typing that in before the judge sent him to the virtual waiting room. Considering the fact that this judge has quite the following on Reddit for his court videos, this was probably not the most unwelcome annoyance.

Once Saxaon, who was in court for charges related to his being caught with drug paraphernalia (a syringe full of meth) at a traffic stop, came back, he tried to offer an explanation to the unimpressed judge. “Your honor, if I may explain…I think it was whenever I set up my Zoom account or whatever. Butt, um, F’er, is my iPhone pairing name for my Bluetooth speaker sir. It’s an inside joke. I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry.” The judge simply agreed that he should be embarrassed.

Ultimately, despite the shitshow, Saxaon got off with paying a $200 fine and wasn’t charged with contempt of court, which was definitely a route that Judge Middleton could have taken. And considering the viral nature of the story (I mean, really, who can resist clicking on a headline that mentions buttfucking to the power of 3000) they both wound up with a butt-loads of free publicity.