Toddler Calls Mom’s Bluff to Leave Without Him

Toddler Calls Mom's Bluff to Leave Without Him

By Rebecca Lang of

A standoff is in progress at 2115 Oxford Avenue as a toddler challenged his mother’s threat to leave the house without him. Neighbors have identified the mother as Eloise Allonsy, the 34-year-old owner of the residence. They report that she has been standing in her front doorway, one foot inside of the house and one foot on the porch for well over an hour.

Sally Gomez, who has lived next door to the family since they moved in five years ago, witnessed the beginning of the standoff and described the scene: “I was outside sweeping the driveway when I saw Eloise open the front door and tell her son that she was leaving without him if he didn’t get his shoes on ‘right this instant.’ She repeated her threat and even counted to ten, but he didn’t budge. She stepped fully onto the front porch, then went back in. After that, she tried bribing him with a new toy, then threatened to take away his old toys, then asked him to leave in a nice but strained voice. None of it has worked. Now, she’s on her phone, and I’m not sure if she’s calling her husband or Santa.”

As neighbors continue to gather in front of the house, Ms. Allonsy can be seen intermittently greeting them and shrugging her shoulders, exclaiming, “Toddlers!” in a desperate attempt to keep up appearances.

While it’s clear to all observers that she does not have the situation under control, neighbors are feigning sympathetic smiles, even though they’re really just relieved this isn’t happening to them. They occasionally shout, “We’ve all been there!” to keep up her spirits. Mutterings of “Bless her heart” and “Kids these days” can also be heard.

The boy, whose name is being withheld because he’s a minor, attends a nearby preschool. An administrator for the school, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the child displayed no warning signs for this type of behavior, besides, you know, being a toddler.

A delegate from the neighbors was sent to speak with Ms. Allonsy. Sources say they are recommending that she hold strong until just before her husband is due home. Then, she should stage her exit, but really just sneak to the side of the house to peep through the window until he arrives. The hope is that this will bring about a peaceful resolution to the standoff, allowing both parties to save face.

Unfortunately, no recommendation has been brought forth on how to get the toddler to actually leave the house in the future. Neighbors are planning a casserole drop-off schedule and are budgeting for additional bottles of wine at Ladies’ Night until this phase passes.

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