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Mother Admits to Never Feeling Guilty, Children Removed from Home

Mother Admits to Never Feeling Guilty, Children Removed from Home

By Rebecca Lang of

Local mother LeeAnn Stilwell is under investigation after telling friends and coworkers that she never experiences Mom Guilt, defined as a mother’s ongoing feeling that she is never doing enough for her children. Stilwell’s three children, all under the age of 10, were removed from the home by Child Protective Services while an investigation of their living conditions takes place.

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Lead investigator Michelle Bowles explains, “We know from our psychological experts that it’s not normal for women to experience zero guilt for their parenting choices. It’s likely she has some mental defect preventing her from creating the unnecessary stress and pressure that normal moms put on themselves.”

According to sources close to the investigation, Ms. Stilwell is recently divorced, works full time, feeds her family take out at least once a week, allows her children to eat sugar and non-organic products and occasionally hires a babysitter. A source explains, “She should feel guilty on numerous counts but has repeatedly told friends and acquaintances that she is confident in the choices she’s making for her family. We take these kinds of statements very seriously.”

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A former coworker of Ms. Stillwell, Jean Olafson, confirmed this lack of guilt and questioned the long term effects Stilwell’s mothering would have on her children. She says, “I remember her unapologetically bringing store bought cookies to a class party. She also told me that she doesn’t monitor the amount of television her children watch. How will these children know that their mother loves them without her displaying a constant worrying, nagging or apologetic disposition?”

The children are staying with their biological father Mitch Stilwell while the investigation is underway. Sources say they are unconcerned that Mr. Stilwell displays no evidence of Dad Guilt, citing experts who say, “That’s not a thing.”

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A thorough analysis of Ms. Stillwell’s psyche was completed over a three-day period, and her children were returned to her home. According to Bowles, “Upon further investigation, we determined that she was just full of shit.”

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