fashion nova butterfly set
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This Fashion Ad Is a Crime, and the Comments Do Not Disappoint

Hold onto your whisker biscuits, folks, because once again fashion has committed a faux pas.

In a September 24 Facebook post promoting its “Blooming into Beauty Butterfly Set,” Fashion Nova posted this tribute to taco torture with the caption, “Flex Like You’re The Flyest Of Them All 🦋⁠”:

fashion nova butterfly set
Credit: Facebook/Fashion Nova

I’ll tell you what’s NOT the flyest of them all: my pink prairie when this meat mangler gets done with it.

Somebody call the police. We need an APB on her charcuterie.

And I’m not the only one who noticed. Imagery alone aside, the comments on the advertisement itself are comedy gold.

Buckle up because your fanny is about to get flossed:

[adsanity id=”35664″ align=”aligncenter”/]

The design team: “We’re limited on fabric. Let’s make sure we fully cover the wrists”

Where the rest of my cooch go?? Do I buy extensions separately??

Comes with 24 tablets of Azo.

My butterfly would be flappin all over the place in this

F you fashion nova where I’m supposed to fit the rest of this Chalupa? 😭

My coochie fighting for its life to stay in there 😌

I guess I’ll just wear this when I take my cooch off for cleaning.

Yeast infection coming soon

My quarter pounder isn’t gonna fit in that, mam.

Can’t imagine what the back looks like, lord if you ain’t busy come here

My clam burger is extra large sooooo 😬😬😬 not gonna happen fashion nova

The hell did she do, duck tape them lips to the back or….?🙁

This woman has never known what it’s like to have a fart creep forward on her.

Do I have to leave my cooter at home to use this? 😭😭

For those of us with creme de meow meow bigger than the mini tacos at Jack in the Box: we can’t buy this 😭

It takes some hella origami skills to fold flaps in so neatly

Where is the kit & caboodle supposed to go?!

So this is for when my lips decide to divorce?

One good cough and,💥BOOM💥! Her kibbles and bits are gonna bust out of there like an air bag in a car wreck.

Everybody’s fupa just blowing in the wind like

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I don’t know about anybody else, but my ham salad and I are gonna pass. I don’t think my insurance provider covers poonanie prolapse.