SNL hilariously nails the insanity of school board meetings
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SNL Nails the Insanity of School Board Meetings in the Age of COVID

Forget Maury Povich. The 100% most insane show in the age of COVID is your local school board meeting. For real.

It used to be that school board meetings were about as exciting as reading a technical manual detailing the inner workings of an analog alarm clock. But today, they’re as buck wild as a party bus on prom night.

Across the country, factions of people have been flocking to these events to express — or rather, to shout — their opinions about everything from mask mandates to CRT.

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From Florida to Arizona to Texas to Tennessee, school board meetings have been getting more than out of control, with attendees using their time to spread conspiracy theories about  the pandemic and shouting at each other and school officials.

If you’re a parent of school-aged children, chances are you’ve either witnessed or heard the intimate details of one such meeting in your area.

SNL has hysterically nailed this disturbing trend with a skit that, in all honesty, isn’t that far from actual reality.

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In it, the first speaker begins, “I am concerned and also crazy!” After several indiscernible remarks about everything from T-Mobile to  Fauci to Johnson and Johnson to Israel, she finally announces, “I don’t have a child, and I don’t live in this town!”

Another parent complains her son is unable to play football because he was told the vaccine he received was not on the approved list. When asked which one it was, she responds, “Mike’s Hard vaccine.”

Still another says, “Forget COVID. The real threat? Is Cricital Race Theory being taught in our schools. My question is what is it, and why am I mad about it?”

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Even Dog the Bounty Hunter makes an appearance.

While this skit is good for a laugh, reality is far less funny.

Cases of violence at these meetings are increasing, as are death threats against school board members and other school employees. The National School Boards Association has even reached out to government officials for help in the midst of escalating violence and unrest.

We as a society are broken. Let’s hope we can find our way toward unity and compassion soon.