Thank You for the Sad Face Emoji in My Time of Crisis


After Greg’s untimely death due to an unfortunate taco truck accident, it was hard to pick up the pieces of my broken life and move forward. Luckily, so many came from near and far to help me and our four bipolar cats through this difficult time.

Truly, I have a hard time putting into words the gratitude I feel for the neighbor whom I barely know but mowed my lawn last month. Or for my friend, Lola, whom I had not seen in 15 years but traveled from Chicago to stay with me, Sylvia, Vladimir, Virginia, and Cheney for an entire week.

People can truly surprise you with their generosity and depth of spirit.

I’m just not quite sure how to thank you, Cassie, my closest friend of the past decade, but I’ll try: The sad face emoji you sent was so deeply appreciated. Thanks for that. I know how much time and consideration it took you to pick just the right one to express the sadness for Greg being flattened by a taco truck driver.

I’m sure as you toggled back and forth, you had a hard time choosing between sad face with tears, sad face without tears, or big head sad face. I also want to thank you for showing the restraint not to send me a taco emoji. I’m sure it crossed your mind.

And I want to sincerely compliment you on your choice of going with regular-sized sad face without tears. It shows you care, but it’s not a tacky, in-your-face caring like the big head, bawling sad face would not so subtly suggest.

So many nights, I looked at my phone and found strength in looking at that sad face you picked out just for me. Some said you’re a cold, disinterested friend, but I knew in my heart that the sad face you sent took sincere thought. And I’ll take your silence this last month as giving me space. That’s very considerate.

I don’t want you to worry that I think you make no effort in our friendship. As you’ve told me many times before, “Hey, it’s not my fault if you’re so sensitive or whatever. That’s on you.” You know what, Cassie? It is on me. I now see the folly of my overly sensitive and needy personality. Thank you for helping me grow as a person.

I just hope it wasn’t too emotionally taxing for you to look at that poor emoji’s face, to be confronted with the complete array of human suffering before you hit send. And please, if there’s anything I can do to comfort you, or if you’re sad, I’m here.

Viewing all those sad face emojis must have been so hard. Thank you for being there for me; you’re a hero.

Reach out if you need me, my dear friend, Cassie. After all, if not for sending a sad face during times of crisis, then, truly, what are best friends for?

A version of this post was originally published on Bourgeois Alien


About the Author

Elizabeth Argyropoulos, also known as, “Bourgeois Alien” on Twitter and on her website by the same name, has always thought of herself as funny…but not funny, “ha ha” more of a, “ha ha, wow…that’s sad” kind of way. She has a degree in English Lit and studied improv at Second City in Chicago. While living in Chicago, she met, married, and moved to Greece for a almost a decade with her perfectly loud Greek husband. While in Greece, together they produced an even louder Greek-American son. They now all live in happily Florida, where they all fear they’ll be eaten by gators or man-size mosquitoes.