Parenting is fun, especially around the holidays. So not stressful. So let's add an annoying elf into the mix that we are supposed to move every fricking night. And let's tweet about it too.
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13 of the Most Hilarious Tweets About That Elf on the Shelf

It’s our favorite time of the year, parents! Not only are the kids adding 36 items to their Christmas lists every fricking day and fighting with us over wearing coats even if their lips are blue, but we are also supposed to remember to move the damn elf every night! I like to set my phone alarm to remind me, ignore the alarm and say, “I’ll get up and do it in a minute,” forget, and be forced to explain Elf immobility in the morning before coffee. It’s good times.

Well, at least we’re not alone. Here are some of the funniest parents on Twitter sharing how much they, too, love the elf. So. Much. Love.






Hang in there, parents. A few weeks to go until little Elfie flies away for 11 months!

Mine might retire this year, however. She’s had a good run. She’s ready for a condo in Scottsdale and some Shuffleboard.