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Some of the Most Hilarious Reactions to the Instagram/Facebook Outage of 2019

Last week marked the day the Earth REALLY stood still, as there was a global partial outage for approximately 14 hours (and counting, for some) of some Facebook-owned apps, including Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook itself.

Users of the popular social media platforms Instagram and Facebook were getting error messages, inability to post new content, and difficulties refreshing feeds.

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They say laughter is the best medicine, right?

Alas, the only place left for frustrated social media users to gather and commiserate was Twitter, and the hashtags #instagramdown and #facebookdown were a veritable goldmine of hilarity when it came to our feels about trying stay cool even though our favorite networks were down.

Here are Some of the Most Hilarious Reactions to the Instagram/Facebook Outage 2019.

1. Well, well, well…

2. What is this strange world?

3. The End is Nigh

4. Is this… is this where meme babies come from??

5. However will we stay warm and busy during this outage?

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6. Someone better take one for the team…

7. Don’t panic, don’t panic, be cool

8. Is that what life has become?


10. Getting that dopamine rush by any means necessary

11. Thoughts and prayers during this difficult time

12. It’s fine, I wasn’t that into social media anyway…

Now, as of today (March 14, 2019), it looks like many pages are back up and users are able to resume their activities as normal. PHEW!

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But for some, services are still down.

Lucky for us, the fun didn’t stop with the outage. Once Instagram was back up and running, we were #blessed with more hilarious memes about the experience.

#neverforget that time we had to spend the day as savages

Communication IRL has never been my strong suit…

Yes, I hauled ass to Twitter, and no, I’m not sorry

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Thankfully, we all survived!

And luckily, most of us have our social media back to distract us from the emotional fallout of being confronted with our crippling dependence on it.