I'd say that if I could go back and learn it again to prepare, I would, but honestly I'd probably just fail it then too.
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Hilarious Tweets About the Nightmare of Helping Kids with Math

Parenting is like an endless smorgasbord of difficult things. Free time? Difficult. Staying calm? Very challenging. Sleep? LOL, bitch u wish.

However, although we know that parenting is full of hard things, we aren’t fully aware of just how many of those daily difficulties we’re going to face. People talk a lot about losing your freedom or sleep when you have kids, but in reality, it’s the slow buildup of the many other minor difficulties that really do your tits in for the long haul.

There’s the neverending losing of the gloves and hats, there’s the daily search for matching shoes and socks, and the maddening, Groundhog Day-level insanity of making chicken nuggets every. day. until. you. die.

And then there’s helping your kids with homework. Just when you think you’re out of the woods with parenting fuckery, you end up in the position of having to do algebra again after your brain has been slowly decomposing under a steady diet of sleep deprivation and the Frozen soundtrack. Good luck and God bless.

Here’s what the funny parents of Twitter have to say about the nightmarish inconvenience of helping your kids with their math homework!

1. It’s also very fun and wholesome to end up in the emergency room

2. Can confirm, the parent def. cries more

3. Do that thing I like


4. Everything seems to be ticking along nicely, soooo

5. Not having a value assigned for X seems just reckless in the first place

6. Why can’t one of those annoying Tik-Tokers help you

7. *Cut to everyone raising their hands*


8. This is a cry for help

9. Fuck Attachment Parents, I’m an Evasive Parent

10. Honestly, I feel like I’m not the best bitch for the job


On the scale of parenting nightmares, math is minor, but holy shit is it ever annoying!

I’d say that if I could go back and learn it again to prepare, I would, but honestly I’d probably just fail it then too.

And remember, laughing plus sharing equals a good time for everyone!