They're just like us ... if we were glamorous and bogged down with piles of money.
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10 of the Coolest Celebrity Moms You Should Be Following on Insta

Social media allows us to connect in many ways. We get to take glimpses into the lives of our friends and family, and depending on how much we choose to share, they get a peek into our lives as well.

Social media also lets us take a look into the lives of celebrities. Not quite as juicy and salacious as what you get in the the gossip rags, the social feeds of our favorite celebrities are full of daily life, behind-the-scenes stuff, and beautiful shoots.

While there are a lot of celebrity parents online, some of them keep us coming back for more with their hilariously real discussions of that parenting life, proving that they’re just like us … if we were glamorous and bogged down with piles of money.

Here are some of the coolest parents you should definitely be following on Instagram.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is well-renowned for her wit and sass online. Her Twitter feed, and the fact that she engages with both fans and trolls alike, is a gift, and her Instagram is no different. On Instagram, Chrissy shares adorable pics of her family and epic truths about parenting and life in general. However, if you’re thinking of giving Chrissy some shit on social media, just beware. She’s queen of the clapbacks.

Ali Wong

Ali Wong is known for her comedy, and her Instagram game is pretty on point as well. Ali is open and honest about parenthood and life with her 2 kids. She is super funny and real, and her IG shows us that even celebrities deal with the drama of #momlife.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is adorable, and her Instagram is just as real and lovely as you’d expect it to be. Lots of behind the scenes pics and snaps of her everyday life. Although her kids are kept private, you certainly get to hear all about mom life, like that time she was instructed to be Elsa for Halloween!

Busy Philipps

We loved Busy way back in Freaks and Geeks, and we love her now on Instagram. Busy’s presence on Instagram is like a variety show: there’s talk of anxiety, motherhood, and the real life issues of a working actress. Busy comes across as unapologetically herself, which is both lovable and easy to watch.

Melissa Joan Hart

Apart from being a throwback fave, Melissa Joan Hart has a funny and honest feed about life and parenting. Melissa shares parenting memes, pics of her adorable family, and squares about her new projects or things that are going on in the world.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer brings ACTUAL realness to Instagram with her feed that is definitely not curated or sugar coated for celebrity-adoring masses. Amy gives a real intimate peek into her real life and motherhood moments, without the filter.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is all-round adorable and her feed is no exception. Although Mindy keeps her child’s face private, she has shared some glimpses into her mom life, like that time they wore matching pajamas *HEART EYES*

Cardi B

Cardi B’s Instagram is a wild ride, but it’s hard to look away. Some of it is definitely NSFW, but it is always entertaining and funny as hell. Cardi oozes personality and shares bits of her professional life and peeks into her motherhood of adorable daughter Kulture.

Hilary Duff

She’s come a long way from the Lizzy McGuire we used to know and love! Hilary is all grown up with kids of her own now, and she shares peeks into her family life on her popular Instagram page.


P!nk can’t help but capture people’s hearts and attention. Her feed is honest, funny, and heartwarming as she shares life with her husband and littles. Like most things she creates, P!nk’s feed is oozing with personality.

Who are your favorite celebrity moms on Instagram?