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Child Eats Only Pasta for 2 Months, Suddenly Decides She Hates It

Jennica Windsor, age 4, has decided she no longer likes pasta. It was her favorite food in the two months immediately leading up to this revelation.

Despite the ziti pasta being cooked exactly as it had been cooked every single night for the past 59 days, topped with the exact same amount of butter, and finished with exactly three shakes of canned parmesan cheese, as always, Windsor was unimpressed.

“It’s too yellow,” she reportedly declared. “And it smells funny.”

Other foods that Windsor will no longer eat include meat, dairy products, vegetables, nuts and seeds, foods with other foods in them, foods that touched other foods, and foods that look like they might have touched other foods. Also food served on pink, green, or light blue plates. Dark blue plates are okay.

While the color, taste, texture and smell of ziti pasta are now abhorrent to Windsor, she has found a new favorite food in penne pasta.

Ziti and penne, while often confused, are completely different foods. One is a big tube and one is a small tube.

Windsor’s mother, Abigail, was scouring Pinterest for crafts incorporating uncooked pasta and could not be reached for comment.


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