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32 of the Funniest Memes About Mealtime with Kids That Will Make You LOL

Raise your hand if mealtime is your favorite part of the day. No, I don’t mean when you actually get to sit down to eat. I mean the part where you drive yourself bonkers making sure everyone else in your family is fed and happy.

Yeah. Didn’t think so.

What is it with kids and food? Do you think when God was making children, He was like, “You know what we should do is install a natural instinct to whine and scream and complain about anything and everything edible that’s served to them but then also have them eat rocks from the back yard. Wouldn’t that be HYSTERICAL?”

Sure. Super hilarious.

Whether it’s complaints about how you didn’t serve them with the correct utensils, how what you thought was their favorite is actually now disgusting to them, or how they manage to make a mess out of literally anything they consume, children + food = disaster. Every time.

Thankfully, you’re not alone. This is a universal misery, parents — one every single person raising tiny versions of themselves must grapple with at some point along the journey. Also thankfully, there are some very funny parents out there who are able to help us laugh about it so we don’t cry.

Check out these hilarious memes about mealtime with kids, and be sure to click on the images to follow these funny people on social media for more.

This too shall pass, parents. This too shall pass.