Jackson earns money (like, a LOT) from her OnlyFans page, a subscription platform that allows creators to post exclusive content for paying subscribers.

Bullying of OnlyFans Mom Shows We Have a Long Way to Go

By now you may have heard the story of Crystal Jackson, a mother of 3 in Sacramento, California whose kids were expelled from their Catholic school (Sacred Heart Parish) due to her OnlyFans page being outed.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but the viral nature of this story really shows that we have a long way to go when it comes to how accepting we are of a woman’s sexuality, particularly when those women are mothers.

In case you missed it, Jackson earns money (like, a LOT) from her OnlyFans page, a subscription platform that allows creators to post exclusive content for paying subscribers. In Jackson’s case, she began sharing sexy photos and content as a way to spice up her marriage and feel more desirable.

Although going this route isn’t for everyone, most women who’re neck deep in kids, messes, and endless shit to do can probably relate to the feeling of wanting to feel like a sexy person again. Because it’s the unspoken expectation from society that this is what we give up when we embark into motherhood.

Jackson’s page was found by another parent in the school, who then told his wife and the rest is flash news history. They told the school about the site, and Jackson’s 3 kids were expelled.

Now, keep in mind that the family who ratted her out is paying to see her risqué content, adding to the $150,000 per month that she receives (NOT A TYPO. THIS IS REAL INCOME, YOU GUYS).

Now, a lot of people aren’t into porn, and certainly the Catholic crowd is the type to get their full-bum coverage knickers in a twist about it; however, what happened to Jackson is bullying, pure and simple. All because she had the audacity to flaunt her sexiness while also being a woman and a mother.

We see this shit all the time, and regardless of your feelings towards nudes or pornography, it’s amplified to infinity when the person in question is a mother.

We saw it when Kim Kardashian wore the same shit she’s always worn after having kids, and we see it in our daily lives with the moms we know and are acquainted with.

There’s this idea that permeates motherhood, that your life and needs have to be put aside for the “best of the kids.” I don’t know about you, but this mother running her own site where she isn’t being preyed upon by the porn industry and is managing to rake in absolute BUTTLOADS of cash to help her family doesn’t seem like an SOS won’t somebody think of the children!! type scenario. Your Madonna-Whore complex is showing.

Since the kids were expelled and this made headlines all over the place, Jackson’s OnlyFans account has had a big uptick in subscribers, and she also told People that she is praying for the mother that outed her (who’s apparently continuing to cause problems and gossip about all this). One can only hope that the high profile nature of this story causes us all to truly pause and examine our reaction to it.

Are we concern trolling? Supporting female empowerment? Threatened by the idea of a woman and mother getting down with her sexual side?

Honestly, one of the best things that could come from this whole debacle for those of us as spectators would be to really think about our automatic reactions to stories of mothers flaunting their sexuality. Of course, after we all wonder how the fuck to bring in that much money without having to show the full monty.

Anyone need some gnarly feet pics?