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Silicone Feet with Built-in Vaginas Exist Because of Course They Do

Well, there’s no pussy footing around it. There’s a new sex toy in town and it’s something else.

A company called Silicon Wives is selling a new sex toy – a realistic silicone foot with a vagina built into the ankle.

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Silicone Wives is a company that is mainly known for their super realistic sex dolls. However, this product simply is what it isĀ – a disembodied foot that’s touted by the company as looking and feeling just like real feet. Great news for foot fetishists, I suppose.

Remember the Fleshlight? That handheld sex toy that was part flashlight, part vagina? This is like that, except slightly stranger … unless a medical grade silicone Franken-footgina is your thing. I mean, it’s 2019, and we ain’t here to judge.

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Despite this being the first offering of its kind for this site (although they do have many other treasures, including a half sex doll which is basically an arse, legs and some feet), a quick Google search that I’ll be sure to regret later when Facebook starts with their targeted ads shows that other companies such as Sin Boutique were selling Vajankles (this is why aliens don’t talk to us) as far back as 2015. What a time to be alive (…and fucking a foot, to boot)!

Although it seems a little unusual, it really is filling a need since the chances of finding a singular foot with a ready made vagina in its neatly abrupt ankle is pretty slim. And even if you found such a thing, the chances of it being pretty, soft and made of “anti-fouling material” would be even slimmer.

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I’m no expert, but I’d go out on a limb and say that one of the benefits of this toy would be that there’s no face on which to project your feelings about your performance. A disembodied foot has 100% fewer dead-eyed stares than your average sex doll.

Additionally, a pussy foot would fit neatly in your suitcase while traveling and be easy enough to kick under the couch should you have a lady over for sexy times (although be warned: the average woman’s vagina is located a terribly inconvenient distance from her feet).

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