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20 Memes About Screen Time To Make You LOL While The TV Babysits

Sometimes I gaze lovingly at my darling children and wonder:

“How the fuck did people parent before screen time”?

Screen time can be a divisive issue. There’s been research that shows that screen time in some scenarios isn’t healthy. There’s been other research that shows that it’s probably not so bad (in moderation). Some people insist on limits, while others just go with the flow. Finding out where a potential new mom friend falls on this issue can have lasting effects on your budding friendship. If they are fine with it, then you are free to enjoy a glass of wine while the kids binge on Paw Patrol, and if they aren’t into it, then a playdate with them might end up with you holding the safety scissors, doing some godawful craft from the bowels of Pinterest. It’s ok, sis, I’m shuddering too.

Obviously, letting the screens raise your children is bad, but considering the fact that most of us moms are expected to do all the things, getting a little peace and fucking quiet for a few courtesy of the electronic nanny isn’t the worst thing in the world. There are worse parenting crimes, and once I get my kid settled watching the Emoji Movie for the 43rd time this week, I’ll happily tell you about all of them!

The thing about screen time is that we already feel guilty as parents, so it feeds right into our deepest insecurities. That we aren’t doing enough. That we aren’t enough as mothers. But the thing is, there are so many of us in this boat that it’s completely unjustified. All us moms are just trying our best to get through the day with the tools we have. If one of those tools happens to be a screen, then so be it.

Ah well, at least we have memes!

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20 Memes About Screen Time To Make You LOL While The TV Babysits

1. Don’t mind me, just sitting on a throne of lies over here


3. Behind closed doors…

4. GoOd fOr YoU kArEn *pfffftttt*


6. It feels like hard lessons getting learned fast

7. Let’s not waste time, shall we?

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8. The parent I was before kids, I barely recognize her now

9. Whatever. It’s different

10. Limited only by your charge level


12. Brilliant, I’m there

13. It’s called “fostering independence”

14. OMG enough with the YouTube already!

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15. Not a single ragret was given

16. Seriously, look it up, fam

I7. The family that laughs together, levels up together


19. Seriously, time for a break for you, kid

20. Sounds great, sweetie, good luck with that!

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Got friend who knows the screen time struggle is real? Share this with them and laugh on your phones, even if you’re in the same room. #friendshipgoals