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20 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Carbs Are Bae

All right, friends, these are trying times. There’s been a consistent and organized assault on something we hold dear, and we need to remain silent no longer!

I’m talking about carbohydrates. Yep — carbs.

Keto and Paleo type diets are enjoying a lot of popularity despite their shameless persecution of everyone’s favorite misunderstood biomolecule. These days you can’t shake your therapy baguette without hitting some bitch trying to tell you that carbs are bad for you. Bad for you! Blasphemy. I would argue that carbs are not only the most wonderful food group, they are also a divine gift from Heaven.

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However, despite our love for them, there are legit reasons why cutting back on certain carbs might be a good idea for some folks. Even so, our love for them makes doing this not so easy.

Check out the following list of hilarious tweets that show our love for carbs is real, and we’d be willing to cake a bitch who’d say otherwise.

1.) The Only Tool You Need

2.) It’s Just Science

3.) Won’t you Think of the Children!

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4.) Big Mood

5.) Your Bedside Manner is Just Appalling

6.) #Healthylifehacks

7.) They’re my Everything

8.) Talk Bread-y to Me

9.) Do as I Say and Not as I Do

10.) Works Every Time

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11.) Asking the Important Questions

12.) It Couldn’t be Helped

13.) It’s Called Problem Solving Sweetie, Look it Up

14.) I Hope it’s Big

15.) Save Me

16.) I Tried so You Don’t Have to

17.) I Just Need a Hit

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18.) This Gender Gap is Way Unfair

19.) It’s Quite Simple


So as you can see, you can take the carbs out of the diet, but you can’t take the undying love of them out of our hearts.