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Sweet Revenge: Troll Cakes Are My Favorite New Thing

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We can all agree that the internet is full of haters, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re posting a harmless selfie or a completely innocuous status update or asking a question in a group— there’s always someone ready to jump all over it and tell you why you’re dumb/bad/wrong/fat/ugly, etc. This goes double if you’re a woman, and triple if you’re a mom.

You could start an argument with these trolls, sure, but do you really think you’re going to get through to the kind of person who takes the time to leave passive aggressive comments like, “u look tired” on your Instagram? Nope.

You could block them, I suppose, but do you really want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they got under your skin? Nope.

So what’s to be done about these jerks?

Well, one Brooklyn woman has come up with the sweetest revenge—troll cakes.

Just as the name implies, baker Kat Thek will send your troll a cake decorated with their own obnoxious comment, plus a print-out for good measure.

Can’t you just see the look on your Facebook frenemy’s face when they find a cake emblazoned with “Sloppy Butt” on their doorstep?

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I really couldn’t love this idea more. Mostly because I love cake, but also because mean comments are so easy for trolls to make when they just go out into the endless abyss of the internet. They rarely ever see any real-world blowback for being complete douches, and though a free snarky cake isn’t exactly a punishment, I feel like seeing your own mean-spirited words in festively colored icing would probably mess with your head a bit.

If you have stalkerish tendencies and can track down your troll’s home or work address yourself, a cake will set you back just $25. If you need Troll Cakes to do a little internet sleuthing for you, it’ll cost you $60.

And if you’re hoping to send a cake to the biggest, most obnoxious internet troll of all— President Trump— it’s an absolute steal at just $20. Just order the “Tiny Hands” special and a cake printed with one of his tweets will be sent to the White House.