We watched the Covid-19 crisis go from wtf to WTF in record time
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To say this year was a shitshow is a total understatement. We watched the Covid-19 crisis go from wtf to WTF in record time, and many of us have landed in various states of isolation/quarantine as the crisis continues to unfold worldwide. We saw toilet paper depleted, grocery store smackdowns, and terrifying stats about the rapid spread of the novel Covid-19 coronavirus.

Although these things are unprecedented for us, luckily we still have laughs to help us get through. And although it may seem unkind to find humor in dire situations, the truth is that gallows humor can be a legit form of medicine to help ease the pain of a shitty situation.

6 feet back, bitch!



Truth hurts.

A magical combo.

You quarantine your way, I’ll quarantine my way.

Damn, your teacher needs a medal.

That would be amazing, not gonna lie.

Christ Brenda, get it together!

A viral hit!

Wow another day of staying home and watching my kids break things, how unique!

Toilet paper math is first up in home school math.

Crisis brings out the worst in us.

Just look at us *sobs*

It’s definitely mid-week-ish.

Big home school energy.

Look, the pandemic is bringing out the worst of us all.

Let’s all raise a glass to one year of survival and hope for better days ahead!

In the meantime, stay calm, realize you can’t do it ALL, and try your best not to kill your spouse/family!