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15 Hilariously Real Tweets About Beachtime Fun

Going to the beach is an experience we’re probably all familiar with. In the movies, we’re sold beach trips as these beautiful, magical experiences full of sand, the gentle lull of waves, and orangey-pink sunsets dipping into the horizon.

Perhaps you even had a trip like that. When you were young, beautiful, and child-free. Maybe your days consisted of lazily sunning yourself and basking in the sweet sunshiney freedom of your youth.

All things must change. But the beach stays the same – or so they’d have you think. The beach is now sold to us as a great place to unwind and play with the kids. PLEASE. We parents know better! Sure, it might be fun, and sure, you might leave with some memories… but you’ll also probably leave with a whole lot of sand, a crying child, and a belly full of overpriced fries and regret.

So here’s to the beach! An idealized location that is both wonderful and terrible in its own special way!

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Here Are What The Funny Parents Of Twitter Have To Say About Beachtime Fun

1. OMG so much fun, you guys

2. It’s literally just one more thing to carry

3. Fun for the whole family? That’s one word for it

4. Kids don’t need special beach toys; they’ll play with anything, really

5. Ok, but someone needs to care about the internal temperature of that thing

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6. Garbage > toys

7. It’s important to make sure your beach trip is organized, otherwise chaos ensues

8. Don’t fight it!

9. It’s all about making memories though

10. Is there a secret handshake or…?

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11. Pro-tip: you can measure your fun by the amount of garbage you make

12. SAME

13. Hope quickly dies at the beach

14. It’s all fun and games if there’s a break in it for Mom and Dad

15. No, seriously. Immobilize your kids. You can thank us later

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The beach is all about sun, fun, and regret (if you happen to be a parent)

Although I suppose it is a little better than sitting on your ass at home, waiting for your kids to grow up so you can have a real vacation.

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