Kids continue to be kids, and parents continue to roast the shit out of them for it on Twitter, just like the good lord intended.
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15 Hilarious Tweets From Parents for October

October slammed into our lives with all the grace and sophistication of an unsolicited dick pic. That’s right, this year is somehow the fastest and slowest moving year of all time. When they ask you about this year in the future, make sure and stress the fact that it was so awful, it essentially bent the fabric of both time and space, like a fart ripping through a musty old pair of discount leggings.

Maybe we’ll trick or treat, or maybe we’ll stay at home dry humping a bottle of hand-san, because honestly this month is just like any other in the sense that we have no fucking clue what is going on and are half wanting it to all end and half wanting to prop up society by staying in a blanket and watching Netflix until we can’t see straight. Much like Schrodinger’s Cat, we’re simultaneously alive and dead, and for fuck’s sake you best not be looking in the damn box if you aren’t freshly showered, masked, and bearing good news.

However, just like all things change, some shit stays the same – which is good news if you’re looking for a laugh as you stare into the gaping butthole of impending doom that we call the future. Kids continue to be kids, and parents continue to roast the shit out of them for it on Twitter, just like the good Lord intended.


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15 Hilarious Tweets From Parents in October

1. There is nothing saltier and more delectable than nut snack.

2. Let’s be real, this is the kind of education we all could have used in THESE UNPRECEDENTED TIMES.

3. Ughhhhhh… RIP!


5. This wins 2020.

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6. Let’s all pour a lil’ hand sanitizer out for the homies.

7. I mean really, is it too much to ask??

8. Ever read something so fucking real it actually hurts?

9. I know what they look like thanks, they’re chewing in my ear as we speak.

10. TAKE THAT big guy in the sky!

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11. Wow, perhaps I should reconsider my position as it was clearly OVERLY GENEROUS.

12. Next time cut the fluff, Jeeze.

13. NAH BRO.

14. Ok but raise your hand if you haven’t done this, though.

15. You can gain that year back when you get a fake ID, pal.

Make sure to share this shit because sharing laughs= good, sharing small aerosol particles of some dickhole virus= bad.

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