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Hysterical Memes That Illustrate Just How Much Moms LOVE Leggings

There are a great many things in the past that I would like to stay buried, but above all else, my once-militant insistence that “leggings are not pants” tops the list.

If only I could turn back time and take that rude, uncomfortable girl that I was and shake her, screaming in her face how wrong she is! Perhaps I was just ignorant, or perhaps I was simply a bitch because I was stuffing my arse into uncomfortable pants day after day. I guess we’ll never know.

Sure, I understand the stigma against leggings, but the truth is that you will be left without a shred of doubt once you actually wiggle yourself into a pair. There’s something about the smooth, stretchy housing of a good pair of leggings that makes you feel free! Unfettered! And totally comfortable AF.

Although leggings are sported by young and old alike, there is one crowd that simply cannot get enough of them. Leggings could go out of style; however, it is this one group of folks who will never, ever let them.


Leggings are as essential a part of parenthood for moms as caffeine or yelling. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, our leggings stay close and support us in ways that our friends and family never could. Leggings are a gift to moms everywhere and help make our days just a little bit easier.

13 Memes That Illustrate Just How Much Moms LOVE Leggings

1. Allow me to roundhouse kick you with some knowledge

2. Never going back is the answer. Welcome to your new, amazing life!

3. Move over little black dress, leggings are the new Swiss army knife clothing item

4. Bitch please, my tummy was made for this flattened-down cocoon shit

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5. Black is my color, what can I say

6. The MOST wonderful time of the year

7. Wow, can’t hear you over the sound of my own comfort

8. You can’t do that with jeans, hmm… Just sayin’

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9. Sweat pants are like leggings’ older cousin who used to be cool

10. Girl, you’re worth more, don’t stand for that shit

11. Truer words were never spoken

12. It’s an “all day, everyday” kinda mood

13. We’re all in this together. Pass the mimosas!

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So if you’re a member of the “No-Leggings” brigade, then you better keep your mouth shut when you’re around a pack of moms.

We’re tired, we’re grouchy, and we won’t have that kind of negative bullshit anywhere near our relaxed, lycra-clad selves.