And then one day, if you're really lucky, they'll have teenagers too and the circle will close. Ahh, the sweet smell of justice!
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13 Tweets About The Hilarious Reality of Raising Teens

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. All of a sudden you have this gorgeous tiny little thing that is completely reliant on you, and you love it more than anything else in the world.

And then they grow up.

From the toddler years to the tweens, each stage comes with it’s own exceptional challenges. Despite the frequent calls to “cherish every moment,” there’s a overwhelming number of moments that really don’t deserve to be cherished at all. Let’s just take those memories of the toddler smearing shit on the walls or melting down in the bread aisle and file them deep, deep in the basement of our consciousness. You know, so we can continue loving them!

That being said it does get a little easier as they get older. Barring of course, the teen years.

The teen years are a fuckery that’s quite unheard of in the grand scheme of parenting. Sure there’s the eye-rolling of the tweens, but there is really nothing quite like the stinky, messy, attitude-y hot mess that parenting teens is.

Despite this being that same baby you once held and adored, they end up being gangling screamy monsters that hate your guts for everything.

But no worries mama, it only last for… well, a few years.


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14 Tweets About The Hilarious Reality of Raising Teens

1. Fun fact: knowing a teen significantly increases your chances of being royally pissed off at one.

2. Behold the teen in it’s natural habitat- a fucking mess.

3. LOL, living that rideshare bitch life.

4. And probably snacks

5. I just love getting updates from the peanut gallery.

6. Excuse me while I sob into this old box of baby clothes.

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7. Nothing ruins a teen’s life like a jacket.

8. It’s like a superpower that feels decidedly NOT super.

9. Thank God masks are the norm now.

10. Replace all of your hopes and dreams with- you guessed it- phone chargers!

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11. Just love watching my precious baby girl channel Satan like this.

12. The probability hits right on 100%.

13. Show me the lie.

13. Teenagers seem to experience time very differently than the rest of us.

At the end of the day, the teens are just a phase that will be over eventually.

I mean, one day they’ll be all grown up and out of your hair. And your house. And maybe they’ll call sometimes? Gosh, I hope they call.

And then one day, if you’re really lucky, they’ll have teenagers too and the circle will close. Ahh, the sweet smell of justice!

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