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Hilarious Before-and-After Pandemic Memes

No doubt, the pandemic has changed us, but that’s bound to happen when you’re living through a historical event that strips you of your God-given right to cough on strange bitches in a crowded pub.

As the coronavirus has blown through our world, it has brought many obstacles into our lives, such as being stuck inside (gasp), with our children (double gasp), and the people we chose to spend the rest of our lives with (YOU GONE TOO FAR NOW ‘RONA). I think it’s safe to say that we’re all gonna come outta this a lot worse for wear than when we started, and potentially needing a divorce… from anyone we were stuck in quarantine with. Bitch, I’ll even divorce my dumbass self at this point.

If you started off as a person who had a nice routine, sorry to say, you’ll probably end up the kinda bitch that only pencils in a good cry in the shower. If you started off as the kinda bitch that regularly filled up a gratitude journal, sorry to say, but you’ll probably end up screaming through a mouthful of Pringles in a Zoom meeting. If you started this off as a career woman and loving mom, you’re probably gonna come out of it as the kind of bitch that’s drunk by 11 am and ninja-chopping at squirrels you see out your window.

That’s just the pandemic, baby, I don’t make the rules!

10 Hilarious Before-and-After Pandemic Memes

1. You know what didn’t age well? Me.

2. The Easter theme this year was “clusterfuck.”

3. Get all your servings in by 10am for an added thrill.



4. Carbs were my quarantine bae.

5. It has a ring to it tho.

6.  Hahahahaaaaaaaa…..

7. Nothing matters anymore.


8. Living my best life, just kinda lonely tbh.

9. #grateful, #thankful, #blessed.

10. I gotta short fuse and it gets shorter by the minute.

In the midst of a crisis, shit can change real quick.

So when this is all over and we’re more haggard, grumpy, and hateful versions of ourselves, then that’s just how it be. Because sometimes it just be like that. Mind ya business!