93-year-old Olive Veronesi has inadvertently become the poster girl for Coors Light by providing proof that their slogan, "It won't slow you down," is true.

“I Need More Beer!!” 93 YO Woman’s Plea Goes Viral And Molson Delivers

93-year-old Olive Veronesi has inadvertently become the poster girl for Coors Light by providing living proof that their slogan, “It won’t slow you down,” is true.

As the coronavirus continues its assault on the world, Olive is doing her part to stay safe. She is self-quarantining in her home in Seminole, Pennsylvania. However, last week she realized she was in serious trouble. She was running dangerously low on supplies. Well, ONE supply. Beer. Specifically, Coors Light beer. Because Coors? “This is OUR beer.” Or at the very least, it’s Olive’s beer.

So Olive did what anyone who finds herself in an emergency situation would do. She sent out a modern-day SOS.

Image credit: Facebook/KDKA-TV

Olive had a relative take a picture of her through her living room window. In the photograph, she is smiling and holding up a dry erase board, with the message I NEED MORE BEER!! written in purple marker. In her other hand, she is brandishing a presumably empty can of Coors Light.

And please, someone, get grandma a beer!

Her cheeky request was meant for her daughter and neighbors but was quickly picked up by her local news station.

She tells Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA TV:

I was on my last 12 cans. I have a beer every night, you know what, beer has vitamins in it, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Forget Centrum Silver. The key to getting your daily vitamins is beer, apparently. And clearly, the path to a long life is lined with beer. Just ask nonagenarian Olive.

KDKA TV posted Olive’s story to their Facebook page where it quickly went viral. The post has received over 27K likes and 51K shares to date. It was captioned with the following:

TOO FUNNY: ♥️🍺 93-year old Olive Veronesi from Seminole, PA is doing her part to stay home and stay safe, and she’s sending this message to her neighbors and to her daughter.


People came out in droves to support Olive in her petition for pints, even offering their own beer delivery service:


Others were here for her, but not her choice in beer:

And on Monday, the beer gods heard her plea. Or rather, the CEO of Coors Brewing Company did. His response? To send Olive 10 CASES of Coors Light. Enough to last her another 5 months in quarantine. 5 MONTHS! I really hope they don’t know something the rest of us don’t.

Two representatives from the company showed up at her door, like knights in shining amber astride their silver bullets, bearing 150 cans of beer. And they are the heroes we all need right now.

Mark Linder of Molson Coors told CBS Pittsburgh:

My associate and I put in 10 cases of beer, and drove up, and made sure Olive got her beer so she can continue her healthy regimen of a Coors light a day,”

And yes, Karen, they did follow the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing. Also, beer drinking is now part of a healthy regimen, people. The more you know…

Coors Light took to Twitter to let the world know that they have the situation firmly under control.

We came. We saw. We delivered to a friend in need. Cheers, Olive! #TakeTimeToChill

Olive wasted no time in partaking in her suds-y surprise:

And for all those negative Nancies out there who just have to try to ruin it for everyone, Coors has a message for you. It was not “Staged af.”

Bahahahahaha! It’s possible I may be a Coors Light fan for life now.

Now that Olive has blazed a trail for fellow beer enthusiasts, others are hoping to hop aboard the brew train. They have taken to making their own signs and asking Coors, “What time should I expect you?”

Sorry Jerry, it seems you may need to be 93 years old to qualify for Coors free curbside delivery.

In all seriousness, this is just the kind of news story the world needs right now. Cheers to you Olive, for giving us a much-needed laugh. Bottoms up!