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You Can Sleep in This Convertible Nap Desk Because Innovation Isn’t Dead

Photo credit: The Hearty Soul

If there’s one thing your work life probably needs, it’s more naps. Most of us don’t get enough sleep between working, parenting, eating, bathing, trying to stay sane and not slapping bitches. Something’s gotta give, and research tells us that people who nap are happier, healthier and more productive.

So how do you fit it in? During the day’s most mind-numbing and depressing activity. Hello, workspace nap desk!

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Someone alert George Costanza — there’s a actual convertible nap desk. It’s real and it’s spectacular! A Greek designer named Nancy Leivaditou has created a desk that transforms into a bed, a perfect companion to your boring-ass job and your boring-ass coworkers.

The specs are as follows, according to The Hearty Soul:

2 meters long and 0.8 meters wide, which has earned it the name, 1.6 S.M. of Life Desk.  It’s not yet available for retail, but they’re working on it.

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The frankendesk has side panels that fold out, a mattress that folds down and panels at the head and feet that can be reclined if you desire. Anything for your napping pleasure, you glorious worker bee.

Inspired by Leivaditou’s days of working long hours in a small apartment, the desk is visually appealing and fully functional as both a desk and a short-term bed. Don’t go throwing your real bed out, though, as this desk is only recommended for naps and not for entire nights of sleep. Although I’d be willing to bet good money that some guy out there named Todd who is working on a startup would just love to meet you on Tinder then take you back to his place to rock the side panels while his MacBook Pro dings away with new emails and LinkedIn notifications. Rawrrr.

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The desk is just a prototype for now, so you may be shit out of luck if you’re already planning on taking a nap after that Occupational Health and Safety meeting next Thursday.

Sorry, fam, you’ll just have to take your naps in 4 minute intervals on the shitter like the rest of us.

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