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Woman’s Face Mask Story Proves Beauty Is Pain and Also Maybe Don’t Do This

Charcoal facial treatments are all the rage these days, and no one knows better than Tiff of Tiff and Cari the ends we are willing to go to — the hilariously painful ends, mind you — in order to achieve that perfect, shining complexion these treatments promise.

I’ll admit it: I, myself, have bought into the recent charcoal beauty treatment craze. I’ve purchased a charcoal facial bar, charcoal facial scrub, and charcoal pore strips. And I’ve had some agreeable results from my use of these products. (Of course, it’s possible this is all psychosomatic. Really, when you look at me, no one is screaming, “Oh my God, have you been using charcoal?! It’s like I don’t even recognize you anymore!”)

But one thing I can promise is this: I have not experienced anything near the pain and suffering Tiff has experienced with said charcoal treatments.

In their hilarious video documenting Tiff’s trial run with a discount charcoal mask she saw an ad for on Facebook (Admit it: You’ve seen the ad, too, and you’ve wanted to try it.), the duo captures just what one is in for when they try this peculiar beauty regimen:

Listen, I get it. Nobody wants to suffer through excruciating pain for a little exfoliation. But if we’re being honest here, I have to confess that my motto is this: If it doesn’t hurt like everloving fuck, is it really working? (No. The answer is it’s not. Probably.)

I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud of the fact that this has not deterred me. I’m still determined to try this face mask. Bring on the burning, the skin peeling, and the — albeit highly uncomfortable — pore unclogging!

Beauty is pain, after all. RIGHT? (Please say yes.)