Woman Accidentally Runs Over Fitbit 8 Consecutive Times

By Jacqueline Miller of

Susan Smith, a 43-year-old administrative assistant, drove over her Fitbit device eight times yesterday with her 2015 Kia Sportage in the parking lot of Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness in Denver.

“When I heard the crunching sound, I thought it was an accident and waved for her to stop,” said witness and fellow gym member Justin Isaac, 22. “But then she reversed and ran over it like seven more times.”

According to the gym management staff, Smith had just completed a 90-minute CrossFit session. Upon completion of the class, after filling up her water bottle, she glanced down at the electronic fitness tracker on her wrist.

After a few choice expletives, Smith declared the Fitbit had been out of batteries and didn’t record any of the exercise she had just completed.

Minutes later, she was seen outside the gym throwing the device onto the pavement and yelling, “All of that torture for nothing! Not a single step, no active minutes. You son-of-a-b***h!”

One witness said she may have heard the woman yell, “TAWANDA!” before destroying the Fitbit.

Smith was unavailable to comment on this story.


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