What Teachers REALLY Do on Snow Days (Hilarious Video)
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What Teachers REALLY Do on Snow Days (Hilarious Video)

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One perk of being a teacher is not having to go to school on snow days. I seriously think we teachers may be MORE excited about snow and cold days than our students. Really.

While most of us have grand plans of grading papers or planning lessons on those snow days, catching up on all the stuff we simply CAN’T get done on regular school days because we have to, like, teach and stuff, this usually never happens quite as planned. Our own children’s schools and daycare centers are normally closed as well, meaning we are left battling those little bastards just like every other parent out there when school’s out.

The difference? We’re actually totally OKĀ with having to battle our kids. Because that’s approximately 147 fewer kids than we would be battling were we in school (While you’re celebrating a damn well-deserved second to yourselves when school’s in session, we’re wrangling ten or more times the number of tantrums and attitudes you’ve got going on at home).

Still, there are some things we wish we could spend our snow days doing, and if you leave it up to the students’ imaginations, those things probably resemble the ones featured in this SNL clip below. And who knows? Maybe we really are secretly doing these things. (We DO get super excited when that 5 am call comes in and we hear the superintendent’s sweet, sexy voice on the other end.)

Just kidding. We’re too tired and old for all that.

Still funny, though. Enjoy, teachers and all other lovers of humor!