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Weirdest First Date Ever? Woman Saves Man After His Heart Stops

Talk about matters of the heart. California woman, Andi Traynor, had a rather unusual first date with 56-year-old Max Montgomery. They were doing what Californians do best: surfing. That’s when things got weird.

Max reportedly felt a burning sensation in his chest, got out of the water, and fell over. He didn’t have a heartbeat for a full 17 minutes. Andi, a trained doctor, immediately began CPR on Max and revived him. Max went on to have emergency bypass surgery. The couple kept seeing each other after his recovery, and ten months later, they are still together.

Wow. Think about what you normally do on a first date: Applebees, Starbucks, perhaps that new Indian place on the corner if you’re feeling adventurous. Not these two. They were going to surf, have a near-death experience, then a casual mother-effing-bypass surgery. How do you even top that? Wonder what their third date entailed–sex on the moon?

Bypass is no joke, you guys. It requires months of recovery. Cardiothoracic surgeons literally have to stop your heart, put you on a machine that will pump blood through your body for you, and then you have an enormous incision and scar tissue cascading down the center of your chest forever. And y’all, think about it: their first kiss was mouth to mouth. How clinical. But, I guess it took them out of the friend-zone real quick.

Is that heartwarming or what? Now imagine what would have happened if he had gone out with a woman of another profession instead.

Hairdresser? This is no time for beachy waves.

Teacher? I before E, except after SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.

Yoga instructor? Downward-facing dead.

The point is, sometimes people come into our lives at the perfect time. Andi is the reason Max is alive today, a fact that I would hold over my boyfriend’s head forever.

Whose turn is it to do the dishes? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the person who didn’t save the other person’s life.

What did I get your for Christmas? How about breath and a functioning brain. You’re welcome.

Ok, not really. Who wants to live with someone like that? I just hope Max doesn’t break her heart. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, good luck to Andi and Max! You have taken the “meet cute” to a whole new level.