To say that the world right now is a dumpster fire would be an insult to flaming dumpsters.
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Hilarious Tweets About The Irresistible Urge to Leave Civilization Completely

To say that the world right now is a dumpster fire would be an insult to flaming dumpsters. The state of the world currently is more concerning and terrifying than any pile of flaming hot trash could ever even dream of being. From politics to pandemics, even a cursory glance at what’s trending on the news is an exercise in depressing head-shakery that would make even the most social among us want to open the door and wander off into the forest forever.

Living in a society is great, sure, but it’s beginning to feel like society is less social and more “everyone shank each other then post about it on social media.” While there have been great advancements with the advent of technology and civilization, the current state of things makes you want to draft up a quick one-pager outlining your two weeks notice for quitting that shit altogether. Nama-stay far, far away from people. Stop the world, I want off!

Which is why there’s such a pull to the wilderness. Sure, we’ve been coddled to shit by the modern world and probably wouldn’t know a seed from a turd in the woods, but SOLITUDE! NATURE! NO MORE NEWS OR “HEY GIRL” DMs!

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Pretty much daily, I guess

Well this is good news

Ahh yes, the ultimate form of duck n’ roll

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Society is over, it’s all forest dwelling from here on out

Fuck around like this or stop wasting my time

Coping strategies are all about what works for you

50 bucks converted in bog dollars is truly priceless

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I mean, that second thing sounds legit

Spoiler alert – this is gonna happen whether I feel cute or not

You must be some kind of psychopath

Eagle minions are THE accessory for 2021

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Let’s hear it for big forest bitch energy!

Just make sure to slam that share button before you go off-grid entirely. After all, it’s the civilized thing to do!