Teen Not Spanked as a Child, Still Graduates High School


The seniors at JFK High School were surprised to discover one of their fellow graduates, Ted Coleman, was never spanked as a child. His mother, Andrea Coleman, has opened up for the first time about her parenting decision.

“Other moms in our community told me that he would end up in juvenile detention or on drugs if I didn’t spank him. They believed spanking was the only way to discipline.

“Going against their advice, I decided that I could calmly enforce firm consequences for bad behavior without hitting him. Of course I kept that last part to myself so that I wouldn’t be shamed.”

Mrs. Coleman explained why she made the controversial choice to withhold violence.

“It seemed hypocritical for me to tell Ted not to hit other kids but then to hit him myself. As he grew up, I had to lead by example, controlling my own anger, and instead parent him without losing my temper.

“The neighbors were always worried about the lack of screaming coming from my house. I was afraid they’d call CPS on me.”

Fellow JFK parent, Cynthia Rodgers, was shocked by the news.

“I always thought the Colemans were normal people who believed in respect for authority. But how could that be true if they didn’t use corporal punishment? Ted has turned out to be such a polite, empathetic young man. I’m so confused.”

There have been 80 reported cases of this same phenomenon in the state of Massachusetts. Spanking advocates believe this has to do with a tampering of the state water supply, which allegedly occurred in 1998.

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