Mother Terrified About Target Bathroom Policy but Allows Anyone to Babysit Her Kids

Mom Terrified About Target Bathroom Policy, but Allows Anyone to Babysit Her Children

By Crystal Lowery of Creepy Ginger Kid

DALLAS, TX- Highland Park mother Kate James is furious about Target’s new policy which allows transgender people to use the facilities with which they identify. She is concerned that sinister shoppers might take advantage of her children in the restroom.

“Target is putting my preschoolers at risk to sexual predators. Usually, I let them hang out in the stanky stalls for an hour at a time by themselves because I like to roam the aisles while they splash around in the toilets. How can I keep them safe now? Do I have to accompany them into the bathroom? That’s absurd.”

James feels that she should be able to leave her small kids with strangers in Target, just like she leaves them with random people in her own home.

“Psychologists tell us that children are most likely to be abused by someone like a babysitter, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take because I love Wine Wednesday with friends. Also, my husband and I try to have a weekend away each month, so we let college guys hold down the fort for us. They must be safe because they are educated, white men who like to interact with other people’s children. That’s not dubious at all.”

She is also unconcerned about the ways technology puts her kids at risk.

“I know that pedophiles groom children they find on the internet, but we live in an affluent area, and all the 5-year-olds have iPhones. We had to give my son his own smart phone because he needs to keep up with his friends. He has more followers on Instagram than I do, and I think that’s sweet!”

As a result of the new restroom policy, James will no longer bring her children into Target and instead will leave them at her creepy single neighbor’s house while she shops.

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