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Teacher Pulls Hysterical April Fool’s Prank on Students, Proves He’s the Coolest Educator Ever

Elementary teacher Joey Dee (whose exact identity and location we’ll leave to mystery to 1.) prevent him from having to fend off adoring fans Monday, and 2.) help him maintain some semblance of privacy, a professional necessity for educators) pulled the funniest April Fool’s prank on his unsuspecting fourth grade class.

In a video published to his Facebook timeline, Dee can be seen going over the answers to a spelling test he gave his class while the students double check their work.

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Among the hilarious words he asked students to spell are the following guffaw-worthy gems:

  • tangeteen
  • speekuzslmn (“There are silent letters at the end of that one.”)
  • wazamata
  • chchch
  • rol-aska-tox (“If you didn’t get the hyphens, I’m sorry. You got that word wrong.”)

Throughout the hysterical video, viewers can hear the students gasping and cheering audibly when they get words wrong or right, which only adds to the hilarity.

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At the end of the video, Dee reveals it was all an early April Fool’s prank, to which some students exclaim, “It’s not even April!”

“It’s close enough,” Dee responds before adding one final bit of funny to his shenanigans: “Congratulations! Turn in your tests; this will be on your report card.”

Dee’s video has been liked and shared thousands of times and viewed millions since it was uploaded, proof that his humor resonates with more than just his students.

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Teachers such as Dee, who are willing and able to bring the funny and teach crucial lessons about the importance of not taking oneself or life too seriously, are a special breed. Hat tip to you, Mr. Dee. Thanks for making us all chuckle.

And good luck weeding through the undoubtedly many requests from students and parents to be in your class next year.

Check out Dee’s full video below or on his Facebook page, and remember to thank a teacher today for everything they do to make our children’s lives better!

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