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20 Hilarious Memes By Parents Heading Into Summer Break

Summer is on the horizon. While many of us will soon start summer break, others are still wrapping up those last few days of testing and figuring out what to do with all the old schoolwork and awkwardly sized artwork our kids keep bringing home.

The weeks before summer are the most hectic of the year. Besides school awards ceremonies and graduations, there are honors society inductions, promotion ceremonies, class parties, clap-outs, end-of-year school dances, and recitals. If you’re Catholic, these are also the months of First Communions and Confirmations. And, because the weather is usually so nice this time of year, you can almost bet on receiving an invitation for a wedding. There simply aren’t enough days to cram in all of the things you are expected to attend.

If that weren’t enough, having the kids home for the summer means trying to plan warm weather activities, many of which require us to wear a swimsuit. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been living your best life this spring, ignoring the gym, and praying for one really good stomach virus before you head off to the beach. No? That’s just me?

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Check out these hilarious memes by parents who are also dealing with the first days of summer. Don’t forget to click on the images to follow them for more hilarious and relatable content.

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