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18 Of The Funniest Memes By Parents Raising Teens

I’m not gonna lie, I thank my lucky stars every single day that my kids are no longer little. Sure, I miss their cute little faces, their bedtime snuggles, and having them actually want to spent time with me. But everyday life has gotten so much easier without butts to wipe and toys strewn all over the house. There are no more daily planners to sign, and when the science fair rolls around, I can sit on the sidelines while they figure it out ALL BY THEMSELVES! In fact, I haven’t had to help them with homework since elementary school – and not just because I don’t understand any of their assignments.

But like everything in life, my teens’ approach to young adulthood comes with new challenges. I see the tops of their heads more than their faces. I track their phones and make them check in several times while they’re out to make sure they are safe. There is friend drama and dating drama. I spend a lot of time teaching them how to maneuver through the snarkiness and competitiveness that comes with grades, class rank, SAT scores, and college acceptances.

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It takes a big sense of humor to get through this age unscathed, and thankfully we’ve found some of the funniest parents of teens to commiserate with. Don’t forget to click on the images to follow them for more hilarious and relatable content.

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