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21 Memes By Hilarious Parents Who Just Want Their Kids To Eat

Kids are funny little creatures – and by “funny,” I mean they can be frustrating AF. One day you have to bribe them to take the tiniest bite of one chicken nugget, and the next day they eat an entire 10-piece and ask for some of yours. Then there are the days when your kid refuses to eat anything at all, but goes into meltdown mode because he is starving. You never know what life is going to look like at the dinner table.

Going out to eat with little ones is another circle of hell I wasn’t ready for. If your kids are anything like mine, your restaurant order probably sounds something like this: “Pasta, just plain with butter. No garnish. No grated parmesan. No pepper. No, nothing with color, please. And a side of fries. Oh, wait, do you put pepper on your fries?”

If you think that’s annoying, wait until they are too old for the kids’ menu and you have to pay $16 for 50 cents worth of buttered linguine. We almost threw a party the day my son graduated to spaghetti sauce.

Getting your kids to eat a healthy meal is no simple task, and you will only survive if you have a sense of humor about it. Check out these 21 relatable memes by the internet’s funniest parents who, like you, just want their kids to eat their damn food already.

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