Study Finds Annoying Your Friends by Talking About Your Diet Burns More Calories

By Mandi Em of Healthy Living for Hot Messes

Fabulous news today for Caitlyn in accounting who is vegan, apparently: Doctors in Nova Scotia have found that talking about your diet burns 25 percent more calories than talking about other shit.

These researchers undertook this project initially looking for the effect that talking about your children had on your cortisol levels, but this unexpected finding came from the revelation that, when they got a group of suburban moms together in social situations, the conversation inevitably turned to diet and food choices/sensitivities.

Due to the fact that participants were connected to a variety of bio-tracking equipment to control various metrics, the surprising results jumped out at them when they reviewed the data.

“This is a very interesting finding that just might revolutionize the way we talk about food,” said Dr. Chandra Ross, the lead research physician on this project.

Dr. Ross, herself, is gluten free by choice and not by any medical or physical necessity. She is a perfectly thin example of these groundbreaking results.

This brings us to the catch: Apparently if the diet you are discussing is due to legitimate allergies or sensitivities, this effect is decreased enough to not be statistically significant. More tests would be needed to determine why this would be.

The good news? This opens the door for people to potentially legitimize their all-Dorito and diet soda diets by talking about them instead of engaging in these behaviors in the dark.

There is hope that maybe if you talk about your next bag of flaming hot Cheetos with your friends, you can combat some of the calories consumed, and therefore end up in an optimal state of health.

More research is required.


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