Starbucks Heart Sugar Cookies Now Causing Controversy

Starbucks Heart Sugar Cookies Now Causing Controversy

By Liv of

In a stunning move, after the #RedCups and #DeadPolarBears, Starbucks is in the news again with the release of their Heart Sugar Cookies.

This past Tuesday, local mother of four, Brieanna Appelwaithe, had just finished a yoga class when she stopped at her local Starbucks for a treat. She looked on in horror as the person in front of her in line ordered a half dozen of Starbucks Heart Sugar Cookies for an office meeting.

She immediately left the store, posted a note on social media, and started the #BanStarbucksHeartCookies campaign. Her Facebook post invited local mothers to join her in front of the Starbucks for her protest. The next day after her yoga class, she showed up with several protest signs ready.

Standing outside the store and holding high a protest sign, she said, “I can’t believe they’re serving heart cookies. Who knows whose hearts they’ve used? I’m sure it’s part of some sort of ritual sacrifice, likely involving infants. Maybe they’re even colluding with Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetuses. I was willing to overlook the #RedCups and the #DeadPolarBears – but this crosses a line.”

Raising her large sign that protested the #DeadBabyHeartCookies, Appelwaithe said that while other mothers didn’t seem to have joined her protest, after her anti-vaccine campaign successfully convinced a person on the street to take a pamphlet, she was sold on protesting for what she called “the right thing.” She said that her protest would continue daily for an hour after her yoga class until Starbucks withdrew the cookies. She then began shouting into her megaphone, “Stop dead baby heart cookies!” and “Starbucks sells death!”

When this reporter pointed out that the “heart” likely referred to the shape of the cookies in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Appelwaithe dismissed that conclusion. “I haven’t looked at the ingredient list – but I’m taking a stand.”

Starbucks declined to comment.


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