New Season of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to Feature More Practical Lessons

By Melissa Avstreih

PBS Kids is pleased to announce six new episodes of our award-winning program, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. These new episodes will provide preschoolers and their parents with more realistic advice than previous seasons:

Margaret’s Trip to Music Man Stan’s

Baby Margaret is excited to go to Music Man Stan’s Music Shop. Dad Tiger needs to get his trumpet fixed because big-brother Daniel tried to plunge a toilet with it. When Dad Tiger looks away for one second, Margaret eats two castor beans from inside a maraca, forcing her to go to Dr. Anna’s for potential ricin poisoning. Dad Tiger learns to leave Baby Margaret at home.

Miss Elaina Invites Katerina Over to Play

Miss Elaina and Katerina Kittycat have a great time playing ballet at school. Miss Elaina asks Katerina’s mommy if Katerina can come over to play. Miss Elania’s feelings are hurt when Katerina yells, “I don’t want to go! I hate Miss Elaina!” Miss Elaina learns Katerina is a huge bitch.

Daniel Throws a Fit at Baker Aker’s Bakery

Mom Tiger and Daniel head to Baker Aker’s Bakery for a loaf of banana bread. Daniel gets so angry when Mom Tiger says he can’t have a cookie that he lays on the floor, kicks, screams, and tries to bite Baker Aker. Mom Tiger learns it’s sometimes better to just give in.

O the Owl Stresses Over Changes to His Routine

O the Owl is anxious about the new school year and asks Uncle X who his new teacher will be. Uncle X doesn’t know but assures O that he’ll love her. O asks again. And again. And again. Uncle X learns to ignore anxious O after being asked the same question 87 times.

Daniel and Margaret Take Their First Flight

Daniel and Margaret ride an airplane for the first time. Margaret kicks the seat in front of her for the entire flight. Daniel won’t put his clothes back on after spilling juice on them. Both kids have epic meltdowns when they have to turn off their electronic devices. Mom and Dad Tiger learn it’s no vacation to travel with Daniel and Margaret.

Prince Wednesday Gets a Drone

It’s Prince Wednesday’s birthday and everyone from the neighborhood is invited to a party. Daniel, Katerina, Miss Elaina, and O are sad that Prince Wednesday won’t let them have a turn with his new drone. Daniel returns home feeling jealous that he doesn’t have a drone. Daniel learns it’s hard to be friends with the spoiled rich kid.


About the Author

Melissa Avstreih is a Harvard journalism student and aspiring freelance writer. She relies on coffee and wine to survive being a working mom. She lives in Arlington, VA with her sleep deprived husband and her two truck obsessed toddlers.